If necessary, our clinic’s ultrasound scanners can be used to help diagnose your pet’s ailment. To evaluate if your pet needs an ultrasound assessment, our vets will review your pet’s situation with you and do a complete physical assessment. An ultrasound scanner is a crucial tool for aiding in the diagnosis of illnesses in animals, especially those affecting soft tissues like the heart or abdomen.

What exactly are ultrasound scans?

Ultrasound scan is a painless method that creates pictures of internal body components using high frequencies sound waves that are barely noticeable to human ears. Certain sound waves enter the body through tissues and are absorbed, while others rebound away. The ultrasound equipment measures the sound waves that return and converts them into images that appear on a monitor. It is possible to preserve or print the photographs. To operate this technology and evaluate these pictures properly, considerable expertise is needed.

The liver, kidney, bladder, and heart are among the softer or fluid-filled organs that ultrasound scans are particularly beneficial for examining. For checking bones or air-filled organs such as the lungs, it is less efficient. Radiography is generally used for these.

Once the ultrasound has been completed, one of our qualified experts will examine the results and your vet can then advise on diagnosis and potential treatments for your pet.

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