Having a cat can mean a variety of things to different individuals, depending on who you ask.

Some people want a cat that will purr and sit on their laps, while others are content to share their homes with a very self-sufficient feline that spends the most of its time outdoors and doesn’t require as much human connection. Cats can make excellent companions.

Having a cat as a pet is a rewarding experience, but it is a long-term commitment, as their lifespans typically range from 10-15 years on average, and their requirements should be considered carefully.

We highly recommend that before you bring your new cat or kitten into your home that you get in touch with your community’s governing body and inquire about its legislation concerning issues such as mandatory night-time confinement, desexing and microchipping, as well as curfews.

Cats Housing

The requirements for a home for a cat are simple. Even though they will likely choose a spot inside or outside that is ideal for them, you should still offer them a chair, a box, or a basket so that they can sit in an area that makes them feel safe and comfortable. Cat cages are also being used by many people to house their outside cats. When they are kept in a place that is protected from the elements, they are shielded from the neighborhood cats and it also helps to preserve the local wildlife. The lives of cats who are kept indoors are typically longer and healthier.

It is also essential that you provide a scratching post for your cat so that they may maintain healthy claws. This also helps to keep their claws in good shape for climbing and self-defense. This will not only help to minimize damage to your furniture, but it will also assist your cat in stretching her muscles and maintaining the optimal condition of her claws.

Litter Training

Cats naturally like to be clean all the time. It is not difficult to toilet train a cat provided that there is access to a litter pan that is either filled with dry dirt, sand, or cat litter. The faeces should be removed from the litter tray on a daily basis, and the litter itself should be changed regularly.

Make sure the litter box is positioned in an area that is both peaceful and out of the way. If you have several cats as pets, you may even need more than one litter box. One tray should be provided for every cat, with one more for good measure.

If a cat’s litter box is unclean, the cat may relieve himself outside of the box on occasion. But before you start blaming the accident on the mischievous actions of your cat, check the condition of the litter box. If it is clean, you should make an appointment with the doctor to check for other issues. Alterations in a cat’s behavior in the litter box may indicate that the animal is suffering from a urinary tract infection or another form of illness.


Every cat needs to get some exercise. If a cat has access to the outdoors, trees and fences, for example, give good opportunity for them to engage in their natural predilection for climbing and perching themselves at higher elevations.

On the other hand, cats that live indoors will often use furniture as a means of climbing and perching. To reiterate, providing an indoor cat with a scratch pole or other type of indoor cat gym will provide them with an effective solution. Your cats will have a more enriching habitat if you provide higher perching areas for them to use.


The majority of cat owners will find that their feline companions require assistance during the grooming process. This assists in the elimination of furballs and hairballs as well as matted and knotted fur, both of which, if left unchecked, could result in a visit to our facility. Short-haired cats are capable of adequately grooming themselves, with the exception of when they are molting. Long-haired cats, on the other hand, need their owners to brush them every single day.

Furballs, also known as hairballs, may result in a loss of appetite and weight, and in the worst-case situation, they can even lead to surgery. Brushing your cat every day when they are molting is absolutely necessary, and feeding them food that is formulated to aid in the prevention of hairballs is another way to assist them in processing the lost hair. You shouldn’t have to bath a cat like you do with a dog because they naturally clean themselves.

Food and Nutrition

Since most cats prefer to graze, we suggest providing them with food in small amounts on a more frequent basis. They demand a diet that is strong in both protein and fat. There are many different recipes for cat food that can be purchased, and in order to select the recipe that is most suited to your feline friend’s specific dietary requirements, we recommend that you discuss your options with us. The consumption of raw chicken wings and necks is highly beneficial to their dental health.

Especially if they consume only dry foods, you should make sure that a bowl of clean water is always within reach. Even though many cats enjoy drinking cow’s milk, it’s not a good idea to give it to them because they are lactose intolerant and may have stomach distress as a result.

Regular Health Checks

A yearly checkup is the very minimum necessary for the health of a cat. When we go in for checkups on a regular basis, our health issues can be diagnosed, treated, and even prevented before they can become life-threatening. The fundamentals of feline medical care consists of preventative measures such as annual vaccines, worming, and flea management. In addition, we also offer extra assistance on a variety of topics, including nutrition, behavior, training, and therapies appropriate for the various stages of life.

We would be happy to meet with you at a time that is convenient for you to discuss the best ways to ensure that your cat maintains the highest possible level of mental and physical health.

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