Just like human pathology labs, our lab tests blood, bodily fluids and body tissue.

Common tests carried out by our lab include; blood chemistries, blood counts, clotting efficiency, urine analysis, tests on faeces, examining biopsy tissue, cultures and testing for infectious disease.

The tests run at our clinic help to identify an existing disease in your pet. Identifying a disease is the first step in treatment. These tests can also help check for nutritional deficiencies and other ailments.

Pets that come to our animal clinic that are very ill or in need of emergency care need to get lab results as soon as possible. Our clinic has its very own in-house laboratory. It is equipped to carry out many of the diagnostic tests we mentioned. Our laboratory delivers quick and accurate test results to the veterinarians who rely on the results to treat patients. We use external laboratories to carry out more specialised tests.

At our animal clinic the in-house laboratory is able to do the test and deliver results in a few minutes. Sending matter to an external laboratory for specialised testing can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, for blood test. Biopsy results tend to take longer and can take up to 2 weeks.

There are numerous tests and each one takes a different time, not to mention circumstances can change. Make sure to ask your veterinarian how long the tests usually take, and when you can call for a follow up. Once our vets obtain the results from the tests, they can then discuss treatment options for your beloved pets.