Eyecare is as important for our pets as it is for us. That is why we have an ophthalmic surgery suite too. Your pet’s eye care is in good hands in our dedicated suite. Specific breeds need to have their breeding dogs eye condition certified; we offer that service to our pet owners as well.

To safely and professionally carry out pets eye examinations you need specific equipment like a magnifying glass designed to look into the eye. Another name for the specialised magnifying glass is an ophthalmoscope. Our vet could use fluorescein dye that glows a greenish colour under UV light if they suspect any damage to the cornea like a scratch or an ulcer. There are conditions which can be treated without surgery. Medication will be prescribed by our veterinarians.

Your pets are in good hands because we are completely equipped to perform the following surgeries:

Enucleation: this is the complete removal of the eye in the event of glaucoma or cancer where the eye cannot be saved.

Entropion surgery: is a surgery to prevent the eye being damaged by inward facing eyelids or eye lashes.

Ectropion surgery: this surgery is to correct lower eyelids that are facing outward. Removing a tumour from the eyelid.

Cherry eye surgery: is a surgery to correct the protruding bump that occurs in some dogs, it appears by their tear duct and is caused by the third eyelid.

Veterinarians are fully equipped to repair ulcers on the eye surface of your furry friend.

If our vets with their high level of expertise cannot assist you they will refer you to a specialist veterinary ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist will need to carry out specialised procedures. These procedures include eye ultrasounds, testing your pet’s eyesight and removing cataract amongst others.

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