Training your dog to have good manners at a young age has several advantages. Young pups are highly capable of picking up social norms, toileting habits, and in general have good obedience capabilities. Doing activities with your puppy works to enhance your bond with your dog throughout the years.

For all of the pups who come to our facility, we offer an effective puppy pre-school curriculum. Our gradual and encouraging learning methods will help you:

Everything you need to know about puppy vaccination

Just like human babies, puppies are also protected from many diseases when taking mother’s milk. They receive antibodies from the mother’s milk which acts as their defense from many illnesses. However, these maternal antibodies will decrease in the puppy’s first few months. For you to start giving the puppy vaccination, these antibodies need to drop further, because they neutralize the vaccination. For these reasons, puppies are given vaccinations in a series.

  • Gain knowledge of typical puppy behavior.
  • Understand your puppy’s body language so you can react correctly.
  • Create practical methods for fostering good behavior.
  • Discover helpful advice about strolling in public places.
  • Recognize the importance of socializing your dog.
  • Educate your puppy on some crucial “do not” rules.

  • Recognize key limits when playing with others.
  • Create a close relationship with your puppy.

Robyn Glasziou teaches at Our Puppy Preschool. Robyn is a highly certified veterinarian nurse who has additionally taken a course on canine good behavior with the Delta Society. There are four weeks of classes (one hour per week). You may get four courses, take-home materials, and a professionally pictured credential for the very low price of only $85. Contact us now to inquire about registering your dog in our upcoming Puppy Pre-school session.