The reason for microchipping is simple. It is a permanent form of identification. Collars can be removed or become lost, losing the pet’s form of identification. Some Australian states have made microchipping compulsory. Our experienced vets do microchipping during a normal consultation, it is a simple procedure. Veterinarians use a special tool to embed a chip under your pets’ skin. The chip itself is the size of a grain of rice. It should not cause any discomfort to your pet.

Each chip has a unique code. Technicians enter each code on a national database. They link your contact information to the unique code on the chip. Each pet will have their own individual code.

The information on the database is very important for the quick return of your pet. Veterinarians or shelter staff will scan any lost pet that is brought in; to see if they have a microchip. Pets that have a chip can be quickly reunited with their owner, reducing stress for you and your pet. The contact details, including name, address and contact number on the database allow the clinic or shelter to contact you easily. Pet owners can use the information on the chips to settle ownership disputes.

Your contact details need to be updated if you move or change contact numbers; information is not automatically updated. Contact your vet as soon as you can, with the updated details so that the database can be updated. This ensures that you can be reached in case of emergency or if your pet goes missing and is found by someone else.

Our friendly experienced team are available to help your pet get microchipped. We can do the procedure in house and it is quick and easy with minimal stress to you or your pet. This is generally only needed to be done once in a pet’s lifetime unless the chip is lost through accident or injury.

If you come across a lost cat or dog, give us a call or bring the pet in for a scan so we can reunite pet and owner. If the pet is microchipped, we can assist in finding the owner quickly.

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