After completing my schooling in Brisbane, I studied Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland and graduated with honours. I worked at a number of Veterinary Clinics in both Western Australia and Queensland. In 1985 I was offered a position at Mackay Veterinary Surgery and the rest they say is history.

At Mackay Veterinary Surgery I met my wife, Dr Lindsey Evans, and over the following 25 years have raised two boys, along with numerous furry housemates, enjoying everything that Mackay life has to offer. We have also enjoyed being involved in numerous community and sporting groups as well as being active long term members of the Australian Veterinary Association. I have had the opportunity to work alongside a fantastic group of Veterinarians and Veterinary Nurses, some of whom I continue to work with.

The last 30 years has seen a period of great change, with the hospital transitioning from a mixed practice clinic which treated horses, cattle, dogs and cats; to become a purpose built facility dedicated to the treatment of small animals, ie. dogs, cats, birds and other small creatures. To facilitate this transition has come the necessity to stay up to date with the latest developments in veterinary care, including information about existing and new medical conditions, surgical techniques, diagnostics and treatments. This along with regular access to specialists, who visit the hospital as well as being available for referrals, has greatly improved the care available for our furry (and feathered) patients.

I love the opportunity to continually learn across all aspects of veterinary science, and enjoy the challenges that come with a general veterinary practice. I do have a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, especially stifles (or knees) as well as general surgery and complex medical cases. The variety of work, the trust of our clients and the enjoyment of the patients we treat, along with the dedication of our Veterinarians and especially our Veterinary Nurses, are all factors that contribute to the satisfaction and pleasure of my veterinary working life.